Consultancy Services

Over the last 12 years Solstice have helped numerous major care providers to meet their obligations and requirements in the areas of Information Governance and IT (e.g. disaster recovery, data security, infrastructure etc.).

If you are in need of expertise, experience and independent advice in any of these areas, just give us a call and let us explain how we have helped many of your peers and explore how we can help you.

Information Governance & the IG Toolkit

NHS Commissioners are increasingly asking Service Providers to demonstrate that they have a robust Information Governance Management framework in place.

Whether it is to demonstrate this or as part of the process to obtain an N3 connection (see below), Service Providers are having to complete the HSCIC Information Governance (IG) Toolkit.

This is not a trivial exercise and completing it for the first time can be daunting. All care providers understand the importance of Information Governance and hence will have Confidentiality, Data Protection and IT Security procedures in place, but are your policies standardised across your organisation and do they conform to the requirements?  

We have helped a significant number of independent sector care providers through the process. We can very quickly identify the necessary actions to establish a formal framework and provide you with advice on the policies, procedures and templates you will need to use to meet the requirements of the Toolkit.

Our assistance can range from running a one-off 3-hour introduction and data-gathering workshop, through to the hands-on development of policies and procedures and acting as an interim Information Security Officer.

N3 Connection Application Process

NHS Commissioners are asking service providers to submit Service User data over the N3 network to ensure safe transfer of information.

In addition to the completion of the IG Toolkit outlined above, the process of applying for an N3 connection requires completing a number of different steps including the submission of an application form and a Logical Connection Architecture (LCA) document.

We can help you through this process and advice on which type of N3 circuit would be the best for your organisation.

IT Infrastructure

We have 15 years-experience of delivering successful IT Infrastructure projects, so if you are looking for independent advice on how best to share, protect and secure data across your organisation, we can help. We have worked with a number of large organisations to develop their Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery plans, so if you need help with reducing the risk of the loss of business-critical information assets, please get in touch.